Established in 1973 and proud to be serving Stubbington since 1982

Copas Turkeys Testimonials.

“I was delighted to discover Copas Turkeys, the flavour is outstanding and unlike anything else you can source at Christmas. You can almost taste the care and attention that goes into rearing the birds, they really have the best possible life for a turkey.” Kevin Love - CHEF, The Hinds Head

"Single handedly banished my childhood nightmare of dry, mealy breast meat & replaced it with a succulence I didn't know you could acheive. Aside from that, the stock you get from the turkey carcass is simply the most flavoursome poultry stock in the world." Allegra McEvedy - CHEF, WRITER & BROADCASTER

"Up until three years ago I didn't cook turkeys at Christmas. When I tasted Copas Turkeys for the first time I was very very pleasantly surprised...they are a fantastic product." AIDEN BYRNE, The Grill at The Dorchester

"Seriously pampered turkeys" ROBERT HARDMAN, The Daily Mail

"Copas Turkeys are kings amongst birds. You can really taste how much love has gone into them." Allegra McEvedy , CHEF, WRITER & BROADCASTER

"They really do have the midas touch for anything to do with turkeys" FRESH MAGAZINE

"We were delighted to discover Copas Turkeys in our ongoing search for excellent quality food in Britain." RICK STEIN

"Succulent & packed with flavour - a king amongst turkeys"

"The texture of the meat is close-grained & succulent and the flavour of the brown meat is sweetly gamey" Tom Parker-Bowles, MAIL ON SUNDAY

"Outdoor reared, happy as larry... absolutely gorgeous. They taste totally different to a standard intensively reared turkey & are well worth every penny"Mike Robinson, THE POT KILN

"An intense flavour & moistness"

"A super & flavoursome Christmas Bird" Lydia Slater, STYLE MAGAZINE, The Sunday Times

"Full of flavour, tender & succulent" TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE

"Copas traditional turkeys were some of the happiest, inquisitive and well-cared for animals I saw on my travels around the UK for the Channel 4 food map. It's clear the Copas family put in maximum effort into their flock and that's certainly reflected in the taste" Andrew Webb, GREAT BRITISH FOOD MAP

"I must confess to never cooking Turkey before but this was a revelation: couldn't have been easier to cook (you don't do a thing except put it in the oven); superb flavour (unlike most turkey which is pretty well tasteless); as good cold as hot (yippee!); enough to feed an army & freezes well (presumably because the flesh is dense not pappy); the carcass yields sensationally good stock (for nourishing broth & risotto); & I love the ethics (I went to see for myself: all well & truly pukka)" Lynda Brown, food writer, broadcaster, & author of THE SHOPPER'S GUIDE TO ORGANIC FOOD

"Meat so delicious you would choose to eat it any time of year" Paul Clerehugh, THE CROOKED BILLET & LONDON ST BRASSERIE.